Happy Eclectic New Year, Fellow Foodies!

By : | 0 Comments | On : January 1, 2015 | Category : Blog

Important events always include food and New Years Eve is no exception! But then from January 1 on, what do we eat? WELL, 2015 promises to tease our taste buds and introduce us to new flavor combinations. Move over Chipotle and Sriracha, Kale and Quinoa, and make room for All Things Ramen, Jalapeño Honey, Habanero Honey, Matcha, Coconut Sugar, Oysters (replacing chips & pretzels) and vegetable yogurt. Yes, vegetable! Tomato, beet and squash will soon join the sea of fruit yogurts. Pistachios are predicted to become even more popular as is Seaweed. Spicy, ethnic foods will dominate. Less Beef and more plant-based proteins are also expected as is a preference to “Shop Local.” So worry not, that Restless Palate Syndrome will be cured and quite content very soon! Bon Appetit!

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