Hot Chili on a Cold Day

By : | 0 Comments | On : February 23, 2015 | Category : Blog

Yesterday’s blustery day was the perfect one to enjoy some spicy green chili, made by Chef Jason, at Ace Hardware in Highlands Ranch. The class was held in the greenhouse while the snow was flying-very cool. Jason assembled all the ingredients, placed them in a cast iron dutch oven and then cooked the chili outside in a ceramic Green Egg grill. Oh wow, was that ever tasty! The  amount of smokiness was spot-on along with the 5280 Culinary spices used. I learned a few things too, which is always good! First, green chili does not have beans like red chili does. Love that food trivia! Second, if you can’t find roasted green peppers, they may be found in the frozen section of the market. Convenience is always helpful. So check out Jason’s free cooking classes at Ace Hardware stores all over Colorado and learn how to “Grill Your Ace Off!”


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