Is “Relaxing Entertaining” an Oxymoron to You?

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If so, you are in the same boat as many of the shoppers at The Cupboard in Fort Collins last Saturday that stopped to chat about party ideas. One lady liked the organization of Eclectic Entertaining (menus and grocery lists) and has a cocktail party to host soon. She was nervous about how to pull it off. I told her to plan ahead, making as much in advance as possible so that she may enjoy her party as much as her guests. If the hostess can relax, so will everyone else. Since she purchased the book, I recommended she choose an appropriate number of appetizers that are finger foods and a few desserts as well. Who likes to juggle a plate, drink and fork at the same time? She was excited to hear my recipes are very user-friendly and when presented properly, will WOW the guests. I hope her party is a huge success! So THANK YOU once again to The Cupboard for hosting ME and letting me enjoy an afternoon of cooking and talking entertaining!

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