Salt Blocks are not just for Horses!

By : | 0 Comments | On : July 13, 2015 | Category : Blog

Yesterday I attended a free cooking class at Williams Sonoma and learned more creative ways to use my salt block! This was so much fun and here’s what they made for us to sample: Shrimp K-Bobs, Beef Teppanyaki and Tin Roof Sundaes! Yes, ice cream mixed on the salt block mixed with pretzels and peanuts, topped with hot fudge. OHHHH, so good! The salt block uses seem to be infinite. Use it cold as a sushi serving platter, heat in oven or grill and then cook shrimp right on the counter on it or cook beef in the oven on a hot salt block. One important tip – do not add salt to food if cooking on a salt block! You’re welcome! (Also, notice the perfectly Julienned zucchini with the beef. There’s a gadget for that! Yes, this gadget gal now owns one!)IMG_5129

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