Steamboat Springs, Colorado, is an All-Season Destination

By : | 0 Comments | On : June 26, 2017 | Category : Blog

Living in the Denver metro area has more benefits than can be imagined. On a whim, we decided to head to Steamboat Springs, CO, for a little 24-hour getaway Saturday morning. It was packed full of wonderful surprises, including a sushi dinner on the river sidewalk with our 2 dogs. (This town embraces canines!) I love sushi and was totally satisfied, but was still tempted by the dessert menu. We dove in and ordered the Tempura Fried Oreo Sundae. OH WOW, this was amazing! “Fried” is not usually in my vocabulary so my husband was shocked when I plunged forward with this new adventure. The fruit and dairy/ice cream should have covered most of the food groups, right??? Neither one of us has regrets. #YOLO!

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