This is not Your Mother’s Blender!

By : | 0 Comments | On : July 20, 2015 | Category : Blog

After attending a technique class yesterday at Williams-Sonoma, my eyes have been opened as to why I “need” a Vitamix! This is an amazing appliance (and I get nothing for telling you this!) that runs ~ 22,000 RPM, pulverizing food faster than anything in my kitchen and fast enough to make hot soup! We watched and sampled Gazpacho, Pesto and Almond Milk. I’ve also had hot asparagus soup made in it with just Romano cheese and cream. We used it in my last cooking class to grind up the roasted peaches for my Peach Soup and Scallop recipe in seconds. Is is useful beyond the smoothie, a trend I have yet to follow. My husband’s response to my latest “need” was that we need a bigger kitchen as I continue to pack this one with my favorite items. Ok, I don’t see a problem with that!


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