Yesterday’s Dinner Challenge

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We extended a dinner invitation to 6 20-Somethings earlier in the day and got word about three that they were all coming, ETA about 6:30-7:00. Great! The timer began and I felt like I was running a personal Food Network Challenge. After a quick trip to Target, here’s what I produced in that amount of time:

Chipotle Marmalade Shrimp – Southern Style (find it on website, search “shrimp”)

Smoked Salmon Bruschetta (Page 119 Eclectic Entertaining) Forgot to buy avocados for top, oh well! Made with gluten free baguette for our gluten free guest.

Couscous with Chick Peas and Spinach (Page 12 Eclectic Entertaining AND on website) I substituted the couscous for our gluten free guest and used brown rice and quinoa.

Brie Quesadillas and Peach Salsa (Page 93 Eclectic Entertaining) Made with corn tortillas, you got it, gluten free!

Pork Tenderloin – baked in oven at 350 with spicy BBQ sauce over top, remove at 140 degrees, tent with foil and let rise to 160 degrees. Super moist and flavorful!

Dessert – Vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and crumbs from chocolate orange biscotti I had in freezer. Had Monster Cookies but they ate them all boating in the afternoon!

It was a HUGE success and we all had a wonderful time on the patio last night!





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